Cuban palms - Fresh seeds from Cuba.

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These fresh Cuban palm seeds are going fast, limited inventory for now.

We're looking forward to a hopeful restock before the end of the year.


The following species are being offered.


Copernicia cowellii

Copernicia fallaensis

Copernicia rigida 'Silver'

Coccothrinax macroglossa 'Silver'

Hemithrinax rivularis


Browse palms via our Arecaceae section.


If there's a particular Cuban palm species you are interested in please let us know. Use the contact options or chat.


These sales do not benefit the tyrannical communist regime.


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What seeds will 2022 bring?

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We are looking forward to sharing tropical tropications in 2022. TRO·​PI·​CA·​TION - trä-pi-ˈkā-shən

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